Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's Like Giving Birth!

When I first heard of blogging, I initially thought "Why would anyone do that?"  It reminds me of  when I was younger and first exposed to the process involved in having children.  I remember saying, "Why would anyone do that!"
I have lived long enough to get answers in both cases and for the purpose of keeping this a family friendly blog, I will refrain from any further comments.  However, giving birth to a blog makes me feel like I did when I was handed my first born and sent home to figure it all out.

I know I will grow as a writer just as I did as a mom.  I know this blog will grow and mature just like my children did.  I'm sure there will be some trial and error but hopefully no one gets hurt!  Just like all things in my life, I am counting on leaning on those who have gone before me to learn the ropes and make this a valuable experience for all involved.  I pray the stories and topics shared are a blessing and add value to your life in some way.   So far the best things about giving birth to a blog is that I got to pick the birth date and it wasn't as painful!!



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  1. Hi Lisa- so glad you decided to join the blogging world. There are some wonderful people in here, that nutty NanaDiana being one of them. She sent me over here, but we have already been praying for Ken and your family for some time now.
    Blogging isn't that hard to do, just be you and your blog will be wonderful. Blogs are at their best when the writer is open and honest and tells it like it is. Happy posts are fun, but sadder ones happen, too, and if God leads you write about something, its because someone out there needs those words. This is one of the greatest sources of support. Sometimes we are supporting others and sometimes they come back and support us, just when we need those extra prayers, sweet words and hugs across the miles.
    Happy 25th anniversary!