Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Very Hard Post To Share - Please Pray

This is a very hard post to share because I care very much about this family.  It is also hard to share because our family knows first hand the pain, sorrow and uncertainties that come with a diagnosis of cancer.

Diana and "Her Hero" have been family friends for the past several years and they are truly in need of prayers right now.  Diana is a wonderful wife, mother, friend and "blogging friend" to many people.  She has a witty way of sharing experiences of life, yet she also cares deeply for others and often rallies prayer warriors on others behalf through her blog.  She has been there for our family and we have received the blessings from the prayers that she has rallied for us.  

I am sharing the link to her blog post below and ask you to pray for her dear husband who was recently diagnosed with a fast growing cancer.   

He is a strong man of faith ready to take on this battle!  Now it's time to rally the prayers for his healing and recovery.  So if you can, please pray for a Christmas time miracle! 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Work of Grief

I was given a book by my mother about grieving just after Ken had passed away.   I am a firm believer in being a student and actively learning each day.  This book became a great resource for developing a better understanding of what our family has been going through.   So far I have learned that there is no set way to grieve,  that it will be different for everyone and that there is "work" involved in grieving.

I thought I'd share that we have each been grieving in our own way and as the days pass by, many things DO get better.   I believe each of us will gain strength from the things we have experienced and learned during this time.   I also believe that strength gained will be used to serve others in our own special way.

I have yet to do all of the "work" of grieving but I have gotten past many difficult things.  Some of this "work" is emotional - as emotions emerge at unexpected times.   Some is physical - especially as I begin to sort things and downsize.   Some is logistical - or what I now refer to as the paperWORK of grief.  So if I haven't written yet, called or came by to visit - it is because I'm still working on bringing closure to many things and taking time to envision new dreams. 

Today marks six months since Ken passed away so I thought I'd update my Blogger online profile. Here's how it now reads:
I am a Christian, was a wife but still a mom. Although I loved my career as a Recreational Therapist, I have been blessed to be a stay-at-home mom for the past nineteen years. It's been a privilege to home-school our children for most of their education. My late-husband was a pastor who was great at teaching people of all ages. He definitely left a legacy, especially in my life. Because of what he taught me, I seek to make a difference in people's lives by sharing resources, wisdom and encouragement!

What a blessing to have been lead and taught by someone who knew what it meant to leave a legacy!  I look forward to getting back to the "work" of leaving a legacy even though it may always be intertwined with the "work" of grief.

I truly look forward to reconnecting with many of you as I write.   I look forward to crossing paths when we can but as always, I look forward to encouraging each other through our words and prayers!
Blessings ~ Lisa

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Signs of Spring

In every place there seems to be different things that are considered the signs of spring.  Growing up I remember hearing people say that spring is near when the first Robin would appear.

For ten years our family lived in Wisconsin. One thing we loved about living in Wisconsin was the winter wonderland of fun so it became a family tradition for the kids to build a snowman.  

The past two winters we have lived in Illinois.  I think we must have brought some of the winter wonderland with us because both winters have had more snow than usual.  Once again the kids built a snowman. 

As you can see "Little kids,  little snowman.  Big kids, BIG snowman! "

Getting back to the signs of spring . . .

. . . spring is felt when the snowman begins to melt! 

What are your signs of spring?  Is it here, is it near or will it ever appear?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Planning to Have the Best Year

Today is THE day!  Today is the day many of us reflect, review and resolve to make next year the best year ever, or at the very least, better than last year. I personally had a love-hate relationship with this time of year for many years.

I LOVED this time of year for setting goals and having the opportunity to do things better.  I HATED the feeling of failing that came just weeks later.   So, I simply looked for more occasions throughout the year to "start over".  Then I wouldn't feel like a complete failure for not doing what I aimed to do because I gave myself a second chance with each "start over".   I found that I could START OVER on my birthday, on the first day of the church year and on the first day of the month.  I could even START OVER on the first day of the week. As I continued this love-hate relationship between my actions and my feelings,  I recognized that only the TRUTH would set me free of this crazy thinking cycle.

By remembering daily WHOSE I am, I can review each day and be thankful for my blessings,  be aware of my faults,  be sorry for my sins and rest in the assurance that Christ paid the price so I can start over each day a new day no matter how I felt about what I accomplished that day!  As a redeemed child of God, I am never a failure.

I also learned that the setting of regular goals with completion dates, with motivating rewards, a weekly review plus a daily plan of action was the way to stay on track with the earthly tasks of life.   I continue to learn better ways to achieve the things that I want/need to do.  My failure or success in action is just that and I can choose to take the steps in the right direction each day.

Now I have grown to love the "START OVER" that each day offers but I still love this time of year for major reflection and goal setting.  I hope you come to love and appreciate the opportunity each new day brings and that you plan to make this your best year!

TODAY is the day!