Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Very Hard Post To Share - Please Pray

This is a very hard post to share because I care very much about this family.  It is also hard to share because our family knows first hand the pain, sorrow and uncertainties that come with a diagnosis of cancer.

Diana and "Her Hero" have been family friends for the past several years and they are truly in need of prayers right now.  Diana is a wonderful wife, mother, friend and "blogging friend" to many people.  She has a witty way of sharing experiences of life, yet she also cares deeply for others and often rallies prayer warriors on others behalf through her blog.  She has been there for our family and we have received the blessings from the prayers that she has rallied for us.  

I am sharing the link to her blog post below and ask you to pray for her dear husband who was recently diagnosed with a fast growing cancer.   

He is a strong man of faith ready to take on this battle!  Now it's time to rally the prayers for his healing and recovery.  So if you can, please pray for a Christmas time miracle! 


  1. Thank you so much, Lisa. Love you!!!

  2. Healing prayers that way... for her hero, her and the whole family.

  3. had heard of this through her blog and began prayers. It will be a difficult path and hope the end will be one of success.