Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Signs of Spring

In every place there seems to be different things that are considered the signs of spring.  Growing up I remember hearing people say that spring is near when the first Robin would appear.

For ten years our family lived in Wisconsin. One thing we loved about living in Wisconsin was the winter wonderland of fun so it became a family tradition for the kids to build a snowman.  

The past two winters we have lived in Illinois.  I think we must have brought some of the winter wonderland with us because both winters have had more snow than usual.  Once again the kids built a snowman. 

As you can see "Little kids,  little snowman.  Big kids, BIG snowman! "

Getting back to the signs of spring . . .

. . . spring is felt when the snowman begins to melt! 

What are your signs of spring?  Is it here, is it near or will it ever appear?

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